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 March Hare - March Hare's heir

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PostSubject: March Hare - March Hare's heir    Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:13 pm

Name: March Hare or March for short

Nicknames: Hare / Hairy

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Appearance: March Hare's most distinguishing features are her long dark brown ears, no tail. But her intelligent yellow-gold eyes glisten with a mischievous light, giving away the sense of borderline madness. March is taller than Hatty, and with the addition of her ears, you could say she is 6'2" approximately. Her long brown-black hair is tied into two low ponytails. She wears a sleeveless black dress patched every which where with other pieces of slightly different black patches of fabric; a bright red cardigan and matching red flats (for she's tall enough already).

Personality: Her personality is very much like the Mad Hattress, though she does get mad when provoked. March loves to confuse others with unnecessary chatter, hiding the fact that she knows everything through listening. She appears to be an utterly clumsy and crazed hare, however there is more to her than can be seen and this side of her only ever appears in flashes of wisdom.

Powers/abilities: Keen sense of smell and hearing, and fast on her feet.

Likes: Singing. Eating. Picking up ingredients for Hatty's teas

Dislikes: Conversations that go nowhere.

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March Hare - March Hare's heir
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