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 Alex Lundburg

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PostSubject: Alex Lundburg   Sun Sep 22, 2013 5:05 pm

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Alexander Kale Lundburg


Gender: Male
Age: 21, April 6th
Theme: --

Appearance: Alex could be considered good looking, though he certainly
isn't for everyone. His looks are often covered up by ridiculous behavior and
just acting all around silly. He stands at around 5'10.5" and is very thin. He
doesn't seem to have an athletic build in the least, seeming a bit more geeky
in appearance. He has blonde hair that is often a shaggy length, a little bit of
facial scruff, a slightly wide nose and light blue eyes. No piercings or tattoos of
any kind. He definitely has a lot of Swedish background in his features. He
tends to be too lazy to shave but, there is debate over whether he looks better
clean shaven or scruffy. He tends to have the smell of cinnamon.

Personality: Alex is a rather geeky boy. He plays World of Warcraft,
spends most of his time on his laptop, goes to midnight premiers, the works.
He's an extremely open guy who can be a bit ridiculous, having issues staying
serious. Alex is easily distracted by just about anything and has no issues with
completely fanboy-ing over something or someone. He loves fantasy and sci-fi
movies. He's also a bit of a slacker when it comes to class work.

History: Alex has a rather boring past. Born in Christchurch, raised in
Christchurch, still in Christchurch. Of course, he's been to plenty of places on
family vacations. He doesn't plan to stay in Christchurch forever, wanting to
move somewhere bigger, like the United States, preferably California. What
matters is that he is Rose's flatmate and a current Sophomore in college.

Parents: Cecile and Charles Lundburg
Siblings: Jacob Lundburg
Other Family: --
Children: None

Likes: Doritos, geeking out,
dogs, M&Ms, Benedict Cumberbatch.
Dislikes: Stuck-up people,
smoking (anything), chihuahuas.
Orientation: Bisexual (leans more gay)
Crush: Thomas, Tobias
Girlfriend: None
Exes: A few people
here and there, none big.
Weapons: --
Other: --

FC: Felix Kjellberg
VC: Cry.
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Alex Lundburg
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