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 Leah Corianne

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PostSubject: Leah Corianne   Tue Oct 01, 2013 2:18 pm

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Leanna Ginger Corianne

Old flame

Gender: Female
Age: 21, May 8th

Appearance: Leah is, truly, a very beautiful girl. Her hair is various
shades of blonde, mostly lighter. Her eyes are a lovely, soft brown. She
stands at 5'8" and is relatively thin. She doesn't have too much muscle.

Personality: --

History: Born in Sheepscombe, England. Leah's family moved to
Nassau when she was eight. She spent two months there not really knowing
anyone until, one day, she saw two boys in her front yard, one beating the
other. At her request, her father broke up the fight and he mother tended
to the injured boy's wounds. The boy was Joshua Harrison. They grew up
alongside each other after that, as friends and neighbors. Even when he
went into the church full-time, he would come to see her. Within the past
year, Joshua went missing. It broke her a bit, worrying for her friend. Once
she refound him, she ended up joining into the crew that had taken him as
a cook. Josh taught her sword fighting after this. She joined to get away
from her parents trying to marry her off to one of her suitors.

Siblings: None.
Other Family: None important.
Children: None.

Strong: --
Weak: --
Likes: --
Dislikes: --
Orientation: Straight
Crush: Joshua
Boyfriend: None.
Any Exes: A few suitors.
Weapons: Scimitar and knife.
Other: Slight British accent.

FC: Dianna Agron
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Leah Corianne
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