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 Ruben Mogck

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PostSubject: Ruben Mogck   Thu Oct 10, 2013 6:21 pm

Ruben Mogck

Name:This young mans given name was Ruben, Ruben Mogck. Well actually his first name was given to him by his mother and since he refused to keep his fathers last name he gave himself the last name Mogck.
Nickname:Well see here, Ruben isn't fond pf nicknames. However get on his good side and you could always find a suitable nickname he won't shoot ya for,
Gender:Well in case you haven't yet caught hint from referring to him as a male and having the name Ruben, which is masculine by the way, Ruben is male, macho, a brute, not a female.
DOB/Age:How to put this quickly, you see Ruben doesn't fancy speaking of his age all that much, I guess it's a "unimportant thing" to him. So we will keep it short and a secret from him that this was ever told. Ruben is twenty four years old, born on the twenty-sixth day of May.

Physical Description:Now let's see here, the first thing you will notice is, Ruben is no lanky, thin male but in no way is he an extreme bodybuilder. In fact though actually tall in size, standing around 6'2 the male is still rather plump shall we say. Now he is in no way fat, but filled out and quite heavily set. Hmm to end this, lets say you don't want him sitting on you. Tall, well built, but not super muscular Ruben is a good looking fella with short brown hair and a warm cocoa colored gaze. He is on the pale side, but doesn't burn easily in fact he looks only slightly darker when out to much. Though tall and clumsy looking he is anything but, the male is sure footed and you can see him hopping like a goat at times. Large hands seemingly to fumble with ease can be used with minute precision. Now lets to back to his height for a moment, before we end this, the male receives most of his height from the legs. He has abnormally long legs, reasons for which finding trousers can be difficult but he will never wear shorts. Word to the wise, do not make fun of how long his legs are.

Personality (overview):lets do this quick. I will list them off and give you a brief explanation. Ruben is: determined, brick headed, strong willed, not easily bent, not exactly open to reason, slightly sexist, acts first then thinks, he can be: calm, caring, willing, helpful. However although most "negative" traits would seem to push against him he does not always react upon them. Truthfully he only reacts in a negative way when in the presence of other males, when tough decisions arise or when drinking, Don't give Ruben any sort of beverage... Ever.

History:Now don't come here and read his expecting some major sap story, after all some people are brought up in good homes but don't turn out too good themselves. But I guess you will have to decide who Ruben is exactly, won't ya? Ruben was raised by his mother and somewhat by his father. They were okay, not the rich kind of people but never the poorest of the block. He never had any special feelings for his father, he was just another man in the world. Now he didn't hate him, he just didn't love him either. As for Rubens mother well he loved her dearly and then she gave birth to his younger brother Ehan. That's when Ruben found out exactly where he was for his family. He was nothing more than a help around the house, a hunter, a gatherer, a cook, a babysitter. Basically anything you can think of that has to be done on a farm like environment Ruben had to do it all. Times calling for a meal he became handy with small, short distance or long distance weapons. He loves his gun especially it's the only fond memory he has of his father. Pretty much not a horrible childhood, he had a good education he was even looking forward to becoming a professional player in some random sport. Unfortunately for him, they told him "his leg length was a problem. That's when Ruben spiraled downward. Being ignored by his mother, treated like a hand around the house by both parents and never truly being cared for the taunts got to th boy. He never did anything evil persay, but he doesn't think twice about whipping out his fun and sending you into the dark pit with two to three bullets in your chest. Ruben won't be one to use his gun to show off but he will use it. The male wont stand for taunting or being made fun of and a challenge is always met, beware however there isn't much Ruben can't do.

Weapons:Well as you may now know, Ruben is fond of a gun he has. It's nothing great, his simple double action revolver. However he loves the thing more than anything else and if someone were to dare touch or take it from Ruben he would declare official world war to get it back. (By the way, the guns name is Rooster, but ya didn't hear it from me)
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Ruben Mogck
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