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 Kyle Harrison

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PostSubject: Kyle Harrison   Sat Oct 12, 2013 9:19 am

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Kyle Trevor Harrison

The Run-away

Gender: Male
Age: 24, October 1st
Theme: --

Appearance: Kyle isn't a bad looking guy. His hair is kept relatively
short and is the same blonde as his brother's, maybe a little lighter. His
eyes are a sort of baby blue shade. His face is rounder than Josh's is. The
two have the same ears, however. He stands at around 5'11" and has a
good weight to him, being a little less thin looking than Josh, moderate
muscles. He tends to wear t-shirts, torn or patched jeans, and a hoodie
or jacket with a hood, as well as sneakers. His torso bears some scars.

Personality: Kyle's got a huge sense of self preservation. He won't
hesitate to run if he sees no good outcome, no matter what will happen
to others if he does. Beyond this, he's a pretty good guy. He won't go very
far out of his way to help someone but, if he sees an easy way, he'll do it.
He's got a strong temper and will start fights without much of a thought to
it. He's more intelligent than Josh is, able to pick up on more. He isn't fond
of academic smarts, preferring a bit of perception over algebra. Kyle feels
he owes his brother greatly, having heard all of what happened, that his
mother knows of, to Joshua. He has decided he has to make up his leaving
to his year-younger brother, no matter what it takes to do it.

History: Born in Nassau, New Providence. He grew up in a deeply 
religious home and got out of it as soon as he possibly could. He moved
out at the age of fifteen, abandoning his younger siblings, especially his
brother to the wrath of their father. Joshua no longer even admits that
Kyle exists due to this betrayal. He left at the age of sixteen, three years
before his parents and siblings moved to New Zealand. For the past seven
years, Kyle has done nothing but travel, mostly hitch-hiking and mostly in
America. He never really stopped looking out for his brother and sister,
though, he just figured they didn't need him. Soon as he got a call from
his mother about Joshua being attacked by their father, again, and about
there maybe being some trouble with Josh, he came running.

Parents: Sarah and Connor Harrison
Siblings: Emily and Joshua Harrison
Other Family: None important.
Children: None.

Likes: Forests, hiking,
swimming, America.
Dislikes: His father, rules,
idiots, bad hipsters, 'swag'.
Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Crush: None
Girlfriend: None
Any Exes: A few, unimportant.
Weapons: --
Other: He has no accent. Bike.

FC: Max Thieriot
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Kyle Harrison
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