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 Tyson Archer

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PostSubject: Tyson Archer   Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:55 pm

    Tyson Archer
    x x x

    7th year

    Gender: Male
    Age: 17, January 13th
    Appearance: Standing tall with an all but perfect posture, Tyson is 5'11'' with almost broad shoulders. His two inch long, light brown hair, tends to be styled fashionable and out of his eyes for a better ease. Green eyes pour out of his lightly tanned complexion with a not so large forehead. Under his eyes, his nose which is dented at its base from his younger years has a small pointed end while below he has a thin smooth line for lips that lead to his jaw line, firm and visible. Only cracking a half, crooked smile, his features are one that may or may not please. When not instructed to war the school robes, you can find Tyson warring a white or black button down shirt with a coat over it. His slacks are always either black or a tan, and on the off occasion he really wants to be casual around his own place, he then wares jeans. He wares no jewelry, seeing no point, or sentimental value in it.

    Personality: Never truly smiling, Tyson knows his feelings, he just doesn't show it. Mostly annoyed at people, and laughing at others on the inside, he find the annoying ones most amusing. While never holding sentimental value for his possessions, he believes that in that, no one can hurt him, or the ones he 'loves'. Wanting nothing more then to live a content life, but a 'happy' one as well, he try's to find what it is that will make life more fun. Often keeping to himself, a challenge is always wanted but with little show it, he often does not receive it. The brown haired teen can seem antisocial, but he has friends, he always has friends, he just needs more then five minutes to open up. Besides this, there's not much more to Tyson, except a vial piece of knowledge. He not only finds women attractive, he finds men attractive too, but that's a secret.

    Strong Subjects/ Activities: Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA),
    Weak Subjects/ Activities: Potions
    Crush/Boyfriend: N/A
    Sexual Orentation Finds both sexes amazingly attractive.

    Wand: X
    Pets: Cal [Mother/original pet died the summer before, decided on one from her litter.]
    Broom: Nimbus 1999
    Patronus: Red Fox

    Special Position: None
    Quidditch Position: None
    Other: Australian/ British.
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Tyson Archer
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