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 Thomas Keits

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PostSubject: Thomas Keits   Mon Oct 14, 2013 3:08 pm

    Thomas Edmund Keits

    5th year

    Gender: Male
    Age: 14, December 12th
    Appearance: Thomas is good looking but, often, he comes across as
    more adorable due to his personality. He stands at around 5'11 and is well
    muscled. His hair stays short and he's normally clean shaven. He's got a
    healthy skin tone, blonde hair, and blue eyes. He's still got one more inch
    to grow. He's typically found in his school robes. When out of it, he favors
    white t-shirts with a light button-up shirt over top and jeans.
    Personality: Thomas is an all around nice guy. He's quick to forgive and
    tends to apologize for things, even when they aren't his fault. He'll get upset
    with people, certainly, but the dislike fades quickly, normally. He is able to get
    along with most everyone, being able to even make insanely thuggish people
    like him. He has never taken advantage of a person and doesn't intend to
    without having real emotion behind it. He's a bit more reserved than many,
    preferring to withdraw into his own mind at times. He's soft-spoken and caring.
    He's always willing to lend anyone a helping hand. If anyone is close to him,
    they have a friend for life. He will do anything for a person he cares about.
    To those closest to him, he's more open and more outgoing.
    History: Born in Sheepscombe, England. Thomas comes from a rather
    wealthy family. His mother is a witch, as well as a politician and his father is
    a muggle lawyer. He's a single child and has grown up in a lavish life style.
    When his letter arrived at age 11, they were all too thrilled to send him.
    Beyond this, his life is nothing remarkable.

    Subjects taking: Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Potions, History of Magic
    Strong Subjects/ Activities: Quidditch
    Weak Subjects/ Activities: CoMC
    Crush/Girlfriend/Boyfriend: None

    Wand: Yew, Unicorn tail, 9"
    Pets: None
    Broom: Cleansweep 11
    Patronus: Rabbit

    Special Position: None.
    Quidditch Position: Chaser.
    Other: --
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Thomas Keits
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