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 Jace Tyrell

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PostSubject: Jace Tyrell   Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:01 pm

|Character Name|
Jace Tyrell
Lord Tyrell
House Tyrell
|Rank in House|
|Heart's Love|
There are rumors that he has a bastard son, but its just rumors and impossible.
Pets do not like him much.
Jace became Lord when his cousins were killed and deemed unfit to rule over the house. He started out as a knight, never having to go through hardships. Since becoming the Lord he has traveled more and met beautiful women, but when ever he was offered a night with a women he would turn it down, claiming to have a love somewhere else. Truth is, he doesn't find women attractive. Only his close men know it, so about two people, that way it cant hurt his reputation. The reason being he swore off women when his mother did something horrible, something he doesn't talk about.
A bit overly nice, Jace looks towards the bright side of things even though on the inside he doesn't believe it. A tad bit of a good guy, he does so because he wants others to be happy when he cant be. He smiles all the time, but if you know him enough, you can see its not real. Not many has seen his real smile, and when they do, it shows just how much he likes them.
Believes in the New Ways, Family over Realm, and is more Truthful then Cunning.
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Jace Tyrell
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