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 Thea Rosa Alderson

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PostSubject: Thea Rosa Alderson   Fri Oct 25, 2013 10:22 am

T h e a R o s a A l d e r s o n

"Life is either a great adventure, or not worth living."

{ g e n e r a l }
“My name is Thea Rosa Alderson. Well...that's the name I go by right now. I usually change it when I get bored. I'm twenty-one, if you really want to know. I'll be twenty-two quite soon but I really don't care. Age is but a number. I call myself an adventurer but really, I just can't settle in one place. I don't really settle on anything but maybe that can change. I'm a female and currently have no nicknames but feel free to try one on me. If I don't like it then you'll sure as hell know about it. I'm just a regular crew member here but I was a Navigator on another ship."

{ s o u l - s e a r c h i n g }
"Honestly, I don't really have a set personality- I guess. I'm an actress, you see. Getting to know the real me is very difficult. If you get even close to scratching the surface then I'll close up. Sorry, but that's the way it is. My thrill for adventure is probably the only thing that shines through with my personality. Other than that I'm flirty, slightly arrogant and a bit hot-headed. Stay on my good side though and you'll end up with a loyal ally if a situation arises. Even though I don't show I care for people, I will protect those I do sort of care for but don't expect me to accept a thank you. With me the excuse is always that 'I may have use for an owed debt later', meaning that I do like you but I'd prefer not to show such attachments. I seem pretty careless even if somebody does something upsetting. I'll usually try to get away from everyone pretty quickly to blow up or break down depending on my mood. Do not expect to see me cry in front of people, at any time. I'll hide it the best I can. I don't actually carry any weapons of my own, which most think is quite foolish given my circumstances, but I've figured out ways to work on stealing people's weapons- even when they are pointed out at me. I don't like guns, they are a weapon for cowards and I won't hesitate to tell you so."

{ b a c k - u p - a - s t e p }
"I was raised in a high family; one with big houses, grand balls and expensive presents. My home was in the midlands of England. My father was a well-off businessman, a man with such power that he could reduce other men to sniveling wrecks just with his presence. I hated that life, it wasn't for me. Whoever said that money can buy happiness was completely wrong. I had plenty of it. My father bought me three dogs, four horses, a whole room full of pretty dresses, as many shoes as I wanted- and yet I still wasn't happy. But when my father decided he would arrange for me to marry someone, without any input from me, it was the final straw. I ran away at the age of sixteen. I traveled down England, finding adventure wherever I could. My name changed when I felt it should, as did my backstory. For the first time in my life I had the freedom I had always desired. Then I stowed away on a boat and my adventures carried on from there. Eventually it led me to the pirate life and I feel as though it is suiting me quite well at the moment.
I was part of a ship known as The Sea Viper for about a year. During my time there; I was poisoned, almost drowned and my friend was banished from the ship for... uh... reasons. After he had gone, I decided that it was probably time to move on, too. I got off at a port in France somewhere. To be honest, I've never really liked France and my experience here hasn't helped that at all. I'm still crew hunting unfortunately."

{ l o v e }
"I'm not too good at the 'romance' thing. I flirt but it usually doesn't go anywhere. It's probably due to my attitude about settling down. If I settled with a man then I'd be afraid he'd stop my traveling. Maybe I just haven't met the right person yet. I've only been in one relationship but that was a while ago and I'd prefer not to talk about it. I don't fancy anyone, if that wasn't already implied. Okay, maybe I do but even if I do then I'm not telling a soul.”

{ m i r r o r , m i r r o r }
"I'm not one of the tallest females in the world but I think my height is average. I am slightly underweight but I have to steal to eat so it isn't surprising. Plus, I love climbing, running, jumping and anything active so I burn it off rather quickly. My eyes are boring, just plain hazel- not that I really care about my looks. My hair is a dull brown. At one point, I wished I had some sort of colour that would stand out. But now I've learned that it's better to be able to disappear into a crowd rather than stand out like a sore thumb. It means that you can make a quick getaway if needed."

{ t h e m e s o n g }
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Thea Rosa Alderson
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