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 Roseadora - Stray dog

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PostSubject: Roseadora - Stray dog   Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:05 pm

Breed Description: Border Terrier - teddy bear face, characteristically set with soft intelligent eyes, a black button nose and topped with folded over ears, conveying a quizzical look. The tail is short and tapered,
16 inches high at the shoulder 12-15 pounds depending on how much food she has been getting.
Roses Description: a red border terrier with a white splash on her chest, and a gray muzzle that makes it look like she has a mustache

Personality:Fiery and spunky, she never backs down from an argument or a challenge, this trait has gotten her into some tough situations. She finds it hard to make decent friends due to her nature. So the friends she does find are normally true friends that she will protect with her life. She never cries as she finds showing emotions other than uncaring and fire are weaknesses. As a result she comes off as uncaring and unwavered, always up for a smart comment or a brawl, she actually can be kind but in her own fiery way.
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Roseadora - Stray dog
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