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PostSubject: Marbles    Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:40 am

The Basics
Name: Marbles (plans to join windclan) - Marbledpaw - Marbledfang
Gender: male
Species: marbled bengal
Clan: Wind
Rank: apprentice - warrior

Coat Color: brown
Fur Markings and Scars: marbled black coloring
Eye color: green

Personality: Full of energy and slightly nutty, his name suits her as he has lost his marbles a little, however inspiringly crazy he might be he has a kind heart and can never say no to a cat in need. bright eyed and bushy tailed he is hardly ever down about anything, his own carefree air sometimes annoying other cats
Likes: rolling around in catmint
Dislikes: dogs
Fears: rats and rejection

History: born to a loner mother and a kitty pet father his mother took her to her father so he could find her a home, however he spurned his kit and the mother died a few hours later. Marbles was heavily impacted by his mothers death and his fathers rejection, he got taken in by an old Rogue who taught him rudimentary fighting and hunting skills. However the aged rogue was slaughtered by a savage gang of cats whom chased him out

Friends - none
Acquaintances - the rest of windclan
Strangers - the other clans
Enemies - dogs

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