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PostSubject: Tailfeather   Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:42 am


Name: Tailkit - Tailpaw - Tailfeather
Age: 6 years old
Species:Norwegian forestcat crossed with a Mainecoon
Rank:Warrior -> Medicine cat

Description, out

Eye color:Greeny amber
Main coat color:Silver
Markings/scars:Black stripes all over his body as well as white ear fur and white under chin.
Accessories:A hide bag around his neck that carries herbs.

Description, in

Personality: Prickly and irritable, he is argumentitative but extremly loyal to his clan and to starclan. Smart and good at making things he has come up with several inventions to help his clan function better. his Scraggled appearance sometimes scares younger kits, though underneath his temper and fluffy fur he is a kind cat.
Likes: Relaxing in the Medicine cat den, collecting herbs. practising battle moves from his warrior days
Dislikes:Water, unless hes drinking it he will avoid it at all costs.
Fears: Fire, Drowning


History: Brought into the clan at five moons old. he was a kit for a moon then made an apprentice. as he journeyed through the clan. he found his true calling much to his disgust was that of a medicine cat. he dutifully did as he was told and became a medicine cat. though if battlecalls he will not back down from a fight.
Relationships(optional):Friends with all of shadowclan
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