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 Toadpool ~ Stop the insanity go organic!

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PostSubject: Toadpool ~ Stop the insanity go organic!   Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:51 am

cat Name: Toadpup Toadpaw Toadpool
Gender: male
Body Type (small, medium, large): Medium
Eye Color: green eyes
Main Fur Color: gingery
Markings: white chest with stripes
Personality:hes a mute kitty, so it is hard to decipher his emotions, he often will jjust keep back and watch. Often cats take that to mean that he is weak. This is not the case, Toadpaw is ferocious in battle but he prefers to eat berries than eat meat. considered a weirdo
Likes: watching animals and learning from them
Dislikes: needless killing
Strengths: learning from animals
Weaknesses: his reluctance to kill
Fears: Killing others
Breed: DEEMA
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Toadpool ~ Stop the insanity go organic!
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