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 Balthazar - perfect isn'teasy but its me

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PostSubject: Balthazar - perfect isn'teasy but its me   Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:59 am

Name: Balthazar
Age: 4 years old
Physical description: narrow shouldered and slim, with glittering amber eyes. a pure bred Abyssinian, with gingery brown fur and a slight white bib under his jaw a lighter ginger on his under body, and a darker stripe down his back to become a black tip
Gender: male
Personality: Fabulous! He is handsome and he knows it, enjoying tricking the cats that wander onto his show ground the male will often break into song. Hes a big flirt and will flirt with male and female alike, underneath his seemingly shallow exterior he is actually quite kind and affectionate, although that side is buried rather deep. He has a pranking side that will often compel him to sneak around his abandoned carnival and prank unsuspecting other cats (or peasants as he calls them) and attempts to scare the fur out of them. Its mainly because of him that the carnival ground is called haunted. Often prone to bellowing laughter he won't hesitate to take anyone on a wild ride of flirtation, scares and undoubtedly fun times. To be honest he is not the best fighter preferring to stay out of fights he would rather use his charm well flirting really to get himself out of sticky situations. He undoubtedly has a high opinion of himself as a babe magnet, whether that babe be tom or she cat, he believes that he is unstoppable in his handsomeness.
Allies: none
Lovers: ah... many many dear sir
Kits: probably plenty, hes the love ya and leave ya type
History: Born in rolleston, he soon was booted out by some other rouges for flirting with one of their girls, becoming more of the one with the shadows he found the old theme park and rapidly made it his
Habits: spooking the fur off cats, flirting until his paws give out
General hang out zone: The abandoned carnival

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Balthazar - perfect isn'teasy but its me
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