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 Moon Dancer

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PostSubject: Moon Dancer   Fri Nov 01, 2013 10:05 am


Welcome Guest to Moon Dancer's bio.


The Basics
Name: Moon Dancer
Gender: female
Species: Tabby Mix
Position Loner/Rogue


Coat Color: White
Fur Length: Short
Fur Markings and Scars: Silver tabby face
Eye Color: Deep piercing blue
Physical Build: She has long legs that are swift and nimble.


Personality: Due to her travelling she is a little jaded from her years, however she is also quite sparky bold and brash. Her kind heart leads her to forgive sometimes.
Likes: Roaming
Dislikes: Trash
Fears: Drowning
Places of interest: Bobby's farm


History: Born into the same wild gang as her sister she urged her sister to run away with her on the night of their being accepted as females capable of having kits. Her sister did not come with her so she left alone, travelling the world.
Mate - Deceased
Kits - Misted wing and Mandarin fur
Friends - Ocean Moon
Acquaintances -
Strangers -
Enemies -
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Moon Dancer
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