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PostSubject: Aurafrost    Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:05 pm

The Basics
Name: Aurafrost
Gender: female
Age: 2 months
Species: blue wolf (they do exist)

Coat Color: dark blue almost black
Fur Length: Medium
Fur Markings and Scars: none
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Physical Build: The average build, on the lean side bordering skinny

History: The normal upbringing of a clan wolf so far
Personality: By her very nature shes a loner, she prefers to be by herself and away from the rest of the pack, by herself she allows herself to enjoy the small things in life, the thrill of the hunt, the sound of crunching leaves. Feeling like shes one with nature. Around others she becomes cold, sarcastic, aggressive, she dosent know how to act around them and so reverts to her instincts. Those that become her enemies remain enemies for life and she will stop at nothing to pick a fight with them. A skilled fighter she has trained long and hard to become so.
Strengths: Shes swift and a strong swimmer
Weaknesses: She hides her true self
Likes: Being alone so she can show her true self
Dislikes: Pushy wolves and people touching her
Fears: Embarrasment

Crush: ...
Mate: ...
Pups: ...

Friends: working on making some

Family: Noone

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