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 Red River

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PostSubject: Red River    Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:10 pm


Welcome Guest to Red River's story


The Basics
Name: Cry -> Redpaw -> RedRiver
Gender: female
Age: 2 years
Species: Irish setter or Red Setter


Coat Color: Dark red
Fur Length: Her coat is moderately long, silky, and of a  deep red color. Her undercoat is abundant in winter weather, and the top coat is fine. It  also feathers in places such as her tail, ears, chest, legs, and body.
Fur Markings and Scars: None at all
Eye Color: Hazelnut Brown
Physical Build: 27 inches at the shoulder and weighs 55 lb.  shes a deep chested dog with a small waist.


History: She lived all her life with her kind elderly masters, when they were killed she took to the streets, after failing to make a pack she left hartford and wandered around. One day she was crossing a bridge up river from the clan lands to be swept into the water by a stray wave. She ended up being saved and intergrated into the clan
Personality:Sweet and kind, she will often blush and forgive. She’s playful despite her age and will willingly give up her favourite ball to make a friend, she will often apologise thinking that she’s done something wrong.  She’s also inquisitive which gets her into trouble, sometimes disobeying orders if she thinks that they are unjust. She has no enemies at all, and refuses to fight during battles. Fighting goes against her very nature however she can be pushed to fight if someone will not listen to her gentle asks. She will not kill mothers of baby animals either, she is very careful when it comes to hunting because of her personal rule. Very motherly as well, she makes it a point to bond with all pups, and will often spend time in the nursery playing with them. Her bright nature shines through every pore shes also very silly sometimes, making up jokes to ease everyone’s fears and tensions.
Strengths: Running, Kindness,
Weaknesses: Low self esteem, often apoligises, Very Friendly
Likes: Learning, Helping out her fellow clanmates, racing through the forest
Dislikes: Being thought less of because shes a dog, Rudeness
Fears: Being thought unworthy to live in the clan


Crush: None currently
Mate: hopefully one day
Pups: nil

Friends: Sophie, Yuri
Foes: None
Family: Were her housefolk and Sakura, both died however, so her clan is hew new family

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Red River
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