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 Falco Zachariah Di'Ariere

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PostSubject: Falco Zachariah Di'Ariere   Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:25 pm

NAME:- Falco  Di’Ariere  (formerly Zachary Falcon Scott)

AGE:- immortal. Well, 23-ish.

PLACE OF ORIGIN:- Uh… Oh fuck it, I can’t remember. But who gives a crap? Next!

FAMILY:- Dad cleared off when He was two. Mum was an alcoholic. Sister was an annoying little shit. He killed them all a few months after I turned. Hey, it wasn’t like H did it on purpose or anything. Or, did he? Heh.

SPECIES:- Shadow Master with a little shapeshifting and illusion on the side. Nothing special.

DESCRIPTION:-  Here’s some bullet points:

* Spiked, ink-black hair
* Pale, vampirish complexion (Don’t call him a vampire. I seriously advise against it)
* Colour Shifting Eyes (more on this later)
* Black overcoat with an upturned collar (cliche, but it’s his thing ya see)
* Bite marks on the right side of his neck (see what I mean about the whole vampire thing? Blame his ex, but just don’t talk about it around him. Bad times)
* Moody looking
* Tall, about 1.90m
* General Dark Aura (it’s hard to miss unless he’s doing an illusiony thingy)
* Lightly muscular (Don’t worry. He may be arrogant, obnoxious and egotistical but he’s no jock) Damn straight I ain’t a jock! Dick faces.
*Sharp teeth with venom tubes (byproduct of the Shadow Master stuff. Yeah, it’s kinda like a vampire, he bites ya you become a shadow master, but the process is reversed if he sucks it back out so yeah. It’s toxic to them though if they take it back so I’d stand clear when he vomits afterwards. Not attractive. Like this gross black tar stuff)
* Black, silver-veined boots (for the widdle tough guy XD)
* Tan satchel (because everyone needs somewhere to put stuff)

PERSONALITY:- HURRAY FOR BULLET POINTS! (Sorry if some stuff sounds similar)

* Confrontational *Foolhardy * Memorable *Conflicted (he’s messed up)
* Intelligent (no he doesn’t use it to his advantage)    *Egotistical          * Hot-Blooded          * Handsome     *Cynical       * Proud     *Stubborn    *Irritating    *Bold/Brazen   *Obnoxious
*Suicidally Insane (yeah. very messed up. He’s had a bad life. It’s complicated.)
* Quirky   *Grumpy (especially in the mornings)  *Frequent drinker (who wouldn’t? He’s funny when he’s drunk too XD)  *Rough   *Untrusting   *Troublesome    * Ruthless
* Definite Ladies- Man  * Arrogant  *Emotional  *Sly (depends on mood)
*Anti-Hero (you know, one of those guys who turns up right at the worst moment in fights because he was too busy being a lazy ass to intervene beforehand)
* Persistent   *Improvisational  *Charming (in some cases. hence ladies man)

EYE COLOURS:- Purely representational. His eyes change in accordance with his mood.

PURPLE: Normal colour,Manevolence, Challenging, Angry (or just moodily grumpy)
YELLOW: Mischievious, Arrogant, Businesslike, Plotting
RED: Uh, you don’t really want to know. Just steer clear of him when he’s like this. #slothmeme
ORANGE: Slight Annoyance (or when someone says something that pisses him off)
BLUE: Fear, Confusion, Sadness
DARK GREEN: Jealousy
MINT GREEN: Curiousity
GREY: Grief, Sickness, clouds other colours, Pain
WHITE (colour is so you can read the text) : Stoned, Passed out, Drunk, Dead
BLACK: Bloodlust, Ultimate Rage Spiral, Evil, SUPER SAIYAN MODE!!! (kidding XD)
MULTICOLOURED: Broken, Vulnerable
HAZEL: Positive Emotions, Affection, Trust (These are very very rare. Hazel used to be his old eye colour when he was human…)


*Silver-He can touch it (unlike "pure" shadow masters) but it's hell on the insides!
* The Truth- he doesn’t like facing it at the best of times
* Doubting Himself- Being Him takes a toll on his confidence sometimes, hence the suicidal aspect
* Raspberries-  An addict. Seriously he gets cravings and can eat a whole bush in like, two seconds. Gives him a stomach ache afterwards though. He even has withdrawal symptoms occasionally!


* Although he can be a major dickhole, he’s a good guy really. And he can be quite sweet and considerate, which leads you to wonder if he’s hit his head or something.
* He has this thing of twitching his left eye when he’s on the brink of going insane.
* He can sleep anywhere, and he snores and sucks his thumb
* He actually likes being a bunny.
*He has anxiety issues, and takes pills to deal with them.

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Falco Zachariah Di'Ariere
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