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 Maria Gaudenzia

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PostSubject: Maria Gaudenzia   Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:42 pm

NAME:- Maria Gaudenzia

GENDER:-  Female

NICKNAME:- “Vixen" (the female Red Fox Vulpes Vulpes is well known for her intelligence, evasiveness and cunning. It is meant to be an insult, considering her animalistic tendencies)

AGE:- 18

ORIGIN:- Unknown (they were taken from their parents as a debt collection. Bad dealings basically. So Gregoire is kind of the "head" of the family)

RELATIVES:- Marco (twin, deceased); Gregoire (elder brother)

BUILD:- Slender; Athletic

EYES:- Dark Blue; Green flecks

HAIR :- Black; Wavy; Shoulder-length


APPEARANCE (BEFORE CREED):- Tallish; Relatively pretty; Eyes smoulder (like blue flame); Hair flyaway unless tied back; Black shawl; Purple ankle-length dress; No shoes

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES:- Light freckles; Raised scar above left eyebrow; Star-shaped birthmark; Agilty and Speed make up for lack of Power

PERSONALITY:- Observant; Intelligent; Respectful (when respected); Fiery; Loyal; Weary of strangers; Never says much; Can be quite defensive

WEAKNESS:- Due to what she has witnessed, sight, mention or sound of her traitorous brother Gregoire is enough to set her on edge for good reason (yeah, she um,  “ran away” after Greg sort of killed her twin and tried to kill her. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.)

FAMILY CREST:- A green horse held down by chains. (It was on her baby blanket when she got taken)

WEAPONRY:- Bracer; Tri-blades (both arms WOLVERINE FTW); Sword; Throwing Knives; Miniature Double-sided Axe

ALLEGENCIES:- Debatable because of weary nature (at first, anyway)

ODD FACTS:- Eyes tend to shine when determined or angered in some way. She growls too. Like, an animal growl (hey, when you're stuck in a tower for fifteen years you lose a little humanity) She bites too.

ASSASSIN OUTFIT:-  *Traditional black/red Assassin cloak
                                   *16th Century style boots and trousers
                                   *Belt with compartments
                                   *Beaked cowl- Red with black trim

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Maria Gaudenzia
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