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 Jane Hazel Prentice

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PostSubject: Jane Hazel Prentice   Tue Nov 19, 2013 4:01 pm

“My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.”

Named: Jane Hazel Prentice
Nicknamed: Hazel,
Gender: Female
Rank: Lady
Age: 17
Powers: Water bending, can change liquid to ice

Personality: Icy, preferring to be alone when in company she is always coldly polite and courteous. She knows whats expected of her and gives no hint to the feelings underneath as she repeats what shes been taught like a little song bird. She loves to sing and sometimes relapses into the girl she used to be a giddy romantic young girl with hope in her heart and love in her eyes.
Physical Description: Fully grown and standing at 5'6, she has long auburn colored hair and pale eyes that appear green or blue depending on the light. pale pink lips and a elegant face with prominent cheekbones.
Past: An abusive family and a much older fiance, she'd always had problems with water and being able to freeze it, after an awful row that resulted in her being beaten within an inch of death she took her fate into her own hands and froze the blood inside of them all. The blast was strong enough that it killed her mother as well, since then shes been on the run.

Grandparents: Lady Elizabeth Mckinnan
Parents: Lord Lauchlan Mckinnan and Lady Mary Mackie [both deceased]
Siblings: James Mckinnan [deceased]
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Jane Hazel Prentice
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