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 Skyris Runner

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PostSubject: Skyris Runner    Mon Dec 02, 2013 11:47 am

[color=#008080][list][b]S[/b] kyris [b]R[/b] unner '[b]B[/b] lue [b]E[/b] yed [b]T[/b] error' [b]C[/b] aptain[/color][list][list]


[color=#008080]'ᴀ ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ᴍᴀɴ ᴅᴏᴇsɴ'ᴛ ᴛᴇʟʟ ᴀ ᴛᴀʟᴇ...'[/color][/list]

      he mportant?

      The name is Skyris Runner, known by 'Blue Eyed Terror'
      The crew calls her Sky, since that is what they know her by.

      Female, obviously, She have the chest to prove it.

      Around the age of 20

      a pperance;;
      Sky is not to tall, and not to short, in her opinion, she is around 5'5" and weighs 152lbs, mostly from her muscular arms and legs.
      Her skin is tanned from the life of sea, and her skin needs cleaned oftentimes, because the dirtiness comes quick for her.
      Her hair rolls down to her hips, and it has been a weapon against herself at times.
      Her face is quite the charm, high cheekbones and fair skin, showing no signs of pores. Her eyes are a blue, and often is thought to change colors, because of the pigment.

      ehind he kin:

      exually ttracted o;;
      She is straight.
      I guess you could say she has or had a weak spot for Joshie? It has to mend

      - Independent
      - Generous
      - Optimistic
      - Enthusiastic
      - Courageous
      - Moody
      - Short tempered
      - Self-involved
      - Impulsive
      - Impatient

      As a young girl, Sky was abondanded, she lived on her own, stealing food and the not so often clothes. One day, she was caught by a frail old lady, and threatened to be beaten, but was saved by a young lad, that had ended up being a pirate, he brought her aboard the ship he was on, and was quickly made into a cabin boy, hiding her gender to keep the rest of the crew safe, since the captain didn't know her secret.
      The rest of the crew knew her gender quickly, and by the time she was nine, the secret started to spill, since her chest started to develop, with the help of her dear friend, Anthony, the man who saved her, she kept the secret hidden longer, taking a wrap and wrapping her chest.
      When she got fourteen, it wasn't able to be hidden anymore, her feminine times had already started when she was ten, but her chest was way to big to keep wrapping, and the captain had finally found out.
      Threatening to kill everyone that knew, he could not, for he would kill his whole crew, instead, the next port, Sky and Anthony must get off at.
      At the time they finally were off, she was fifteen, and doing men's dirty work as a spy and assassin, she was aboard the ship that was well known, when she was revealed by an old mate, and almost killed, when she was saved by the captain, who took her under his wing.
      As she grew to the age of seventeen, she was taken captive of another ship and escaped, not finding her way back to the ship. She found herself a crew needing work and a ship, and set off on her own, looking for a ship.
      By the time she did, she was nineteen, knowledgable of taking care of a ship and crew, and set off on her own with her crew.


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Skyris Runner
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