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 Jessica Campbell -

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PostSubject: Jessica Campbell -    Thu Dec 19, 2013 4:26 am

The basics; Jessica Campbell is the name, flirting is the game. The young, 17 year old fiery lady has a strong personality that is hard to miss. Her looks are something else that is hard to miss, with her beautiful brown eyes, long brown hair, petite skinny body, and adorable face. Jess is about 5'7, so kind of at the small side of things. Call her whatever you want, but if she doesn't like it, don't worry, you'll know.

Personality; Like I said before, her personality is hard to miss. She's loud for starters, always looking for a party or club to go too. Jess' a partier, that's for sure. Most partiers don't do well in school, but Jessica does fairly well, keeping her grades in the 80's. After partying all weekend, she somehow manages to get her work done. Now that it is summer however, all bets are off.

History; Jessica grew up with both of her parents, her life being quite good and average for the first decade. However, when she was about 10 years old, she was sexually abused by a group of her fathers drunk friends, including her father. After the secret was out, her mother and herself moved far away from the horrid memories and built new ones. Jess' mother figured that the abuse would make her nervous of guys, though she is actually the opposite. She's sex-ridden. If one relationship doesn't work out, she's needy for another boy, and will have one the next day. That being said, she is a loyal girlfriend, not ever willing to cheat or any of that nonsense. She'll cry over a boy, yes, but she will get over it much quicker than other girls. She now lives with her mother, step father, little sister Gina, and older brother Patrick.
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Jessica Campbell -
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