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 Kyla Marrick -

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PostSubject: Kyla Marrick -   Thu Dec 19, 2013 5:48 am

Basics; 18 year old Kyla Marrick is a quiet girl who keeps to herself. You can call her Ki or whatever you want. She won't care. The girl is very petite and malnourished, which shows more with her small 5'4 bod. She smokes and drinks, and just doesn't care anymore.

Personality; Kyla is very quiet. She'll talk to you if you come to her, but wouldn't go to you. She's a rebel that's for sure. Always smoking and drinking, going to school hung-over and sometimes drunk. The girl has a lot of issues and nobody knows why, because she hasn't found somebody to help her.

History; Ki's parents didn't feed her right or take care of her properly from the start. She's been malnourished all her life until she moved out at age 16 and lived with her grandmother. Sadly she passed away and now Ki lives in the streets. Nobody knows. Nobody. She works at a small corner store 5 hours a day, and takes as many extra shifts she can. She spends all her money on smokes and partying, and only a bit on food. She needs help, and she doesn't know how to ask for it.[/center]
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Kyla Marrick -
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