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 Nicholas Fierez

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PostSubject: Nicholas Fierez   Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:34 pm

Wanted: Nicholas Fierez

Basic Information:
Last Name: Fierez___________First Name: Nicholas________
D.O.B: MM/DD/YY - 03/24/78
Age: Thirty- five
Gender: Male/Female
Height: 5'11
Weight: 178 lbs
Ethnicity: Scottish
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Lanky male of short to average height. Short-cut chocolate brown hair, with short, neatly trimmed beard. Brown eyes with a long pointed nose. Pale complexion with a lean build, the man can be seen most often than not wearing expensive business suits, that range in shirt colors and stay towards darker tones in suit pieces. A cane is always by his side, the most common one being black with a golden hilt. The cane is said to be because of his injuries but no one is sure if that is true or if the cane is used as a weapon, it is safe to assume them both. Speaks with thick Scottish accent, and can be usually seen with very dark expressions upon his facial features. 

Known as a small business shop owner in Glasgow, there is said not to be much information of Fierez before his accident. It is only known, that drunken and possibly heavily drugged, though who is at fault is still unknown) Fierez had a terrible accident leaving his right leg supposedly marred and lame, and him leaving him to the use of a cane. embarrassed by her husband's new lame leg and lower stature in the social ranks, his wife left him with their two year old daughter, Sarah. Not more than three years later, a mysterious occurrence happened and Sarah was kidnapped and sold into the trade. Enraged with what had happened to his daughter and even more so that no one seemed to care, Fierez rose to be one of the most well known criminals in human trafficking.

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Nicholas Fierez
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