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 Jonathon Contarini

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PostSubject: Jonathon Contarini   Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:31 pm


Johnathon Contarini


Gender: Male
Age: 19.  Born 18th January
Astrology: Capricorn
Theme: --

Appearance:Jonathon has deep blue eyes, and fairly light skin, which contrasts with
his last name. He is generally very well kept, his hair neatly trimmed and combed, and
he is almost always well shaven.  His face is somewhat teardrop-shaped, and he usually
has a necklace of silver.  He is just over 6', is very thin, but what bulk he has is
obviously the result of muscle.  He tends to prefer dressing nicely, but when relaxing
he will wear t-shirts or a button-up long sleve shirt and jeans.

Wolf form -
black wolf, seen as pictures

Personality:Jon is very cool and collected.  He is cold, calculating, and logical.  
That being said, he will do anything for his friends or family, and this makes him a
deadly opponent.  He has a soft spot for women, and is typically easily to maniuplate
because of this; his greatest weakness.  He can be a bit of a nerd, but oftentimes
pretends or tries to be a jock.  He is used to attention from women, and as such is
usually forward with them, but can come off as kind of a jerk. He is slow to anger,
but slower to cool off; when angered, nothing can save you from him. He is of the
mantra 'Forgive, but never forget'.  He speaks English and German, and spent time
studying business at Yale.

History:Jonathon was born in Maine, to happy parents and a happy home.  Unbenknownst to him,
he was the third of two other children; the others having mysteriously vanished.  His mother
was decendent of Northern Europe, his father of Italy; however, his father's-mother was also
of Northern Europe, and so he inherited his fair skin from his mother's side.  However, his dark
hair, he inherited from his father.  He had a normal childhood, going to school, making
friends, and discovering himself; until he realized he wasn't sure what his orientation was.
He went through a period of confusion and self-hatred, before realizing that he enjoyed both
sexes.  After this, he went through the somewhat normal teenage period of many girlfriends/boyfriends.
At this point, his father became abusive.  His father would not stand to have a gay son,
and attempted to beat it out of his child.  It didn't work, but, now Jon is estranged from
his father. His mother divorced his father after Jon left for college.  However, it was around
this time he recieved a strange message, hinting at a lineage that he was never made aware of.
He left to pursue this message...

Parents:  John Contarini, Mary Williams
Favorite Book: "The Big Short" - Michael Lewis
Favorite band/composer: Metallica, Beethoven
Siblings: None
Orientation: Bi
Status: Single
Crush: None
Other: N/A

FC: Garrett Hedlund
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Jonathon Contarini
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