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 Melissa Hartell

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PostSubject: Melissa Hartell   Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:33 pm


Melissa Hartell


Gender: Female
Age: 22
Astrology: Libra
Theme: --

Appearance: Melissa's eyes are a greenish brown, and she has very light skin, with deep red hair.
She sometimes wears the hair short, other times long, depending on her mood (currently it's short).
Her face is soft and round, and it's obvious she hasn't endured much hardship.  She has a look of
naivity, although her eyes give a certain sense of wisdom, and have a shine that suggests that
she has been through quite a lot.  She stands at around 5' 5" and
weighs about 118 pounds.  She generally wears long sleve, tight fitting shirts, and jeans.
She is almost always cleaned up, and is rather particular about her appearance.  She
rarely wears jewelry, except for a silver bracelet with an engraving on it.

Personality: Melissa is patient and kind, but also quick to anger if it strikes her right.
She is shy and tends not to be forward about her feelings, but she is also very loyal,
but only to those she cares about.  She hates being told what to do, and oftentimes won't
do it out of principle.  That being said, she is a kind and caring individual, who often
goes out of her way to improve other's lives.  When cornered, she is a monstrously fierce
fighter, her sheer ferocity and determination betraying her looks and demeanor.  Her biggest
weakness is money; she will do anything for it; additionally, she has a weakness for
certain types of alcohol, especially whiskey.

History: Melissa was born in Tennessee, home of country music, not that she ever listened to that
crap. She grew up in Knoxville with her siblings and parents. Her mother, Cynthia, was
always buried in her work, ignoring the children she had. Her father, Kyle, was prone to
fits of rage and worse, he also tended to drink. Her brother, Peter, well, he was out of
the house as soon as he could be. Michael took care of her, raised her, him being the
second eldest. Her sister, Kaylee, well, she was the youngest, the innocent one. Her
mother ended up getting a divorce and just leaving, not caring that she was leaving the
children with a drunken father. She was 14 when her father made a fatal mistake, pissing
off someone who ended up being a gang leader. She hadn't even been aware that there was
a gang like this in Knoxville until they burst into her home. Her father was killed, as
was her brother as he tried to protect her. She still doesn't know what her sister's
fate was. One of the gang members, Nate Johnson, found her and 'saved' her. He prevented
the others from killing her but, this wasn't to be mistaken for mercy. He kept Melissa.
He beat her, raped her. She learned that she wasn't the only girl that he had 'saved'
and she saw this as a way out. There were more girls than him. One night, after rallying
the girls to escape with her, they set the plan in action and killed Nate in the escape.
After the escape, she managed to get a friend of her mother to take her in; Jennifer
Halsey.  Beyond that, she had a hard time adjusting to normal life.  But, what she did
manage to do well was train.  She became faster and stronger, but, she also had to
adjust to high  school.  She couldn't have a totally normal life, but, she had a life,
at least, and she did the best she could in school.  She did have very few friends; Matt
Calihan, Scott Bailey, Kristen Martin, and Heather Nortrin.  After high school, she
managed to go to college with her best friend, Kristen, still avoiding relationships. She
was going to NC State, but now she's taking a break from college, and wandering the

Favorite Book: Harry Potter
Favorite band: The White Stripes
Parents: Cynthia Radist and Kyle Hartell
Orientation: Straight
Siblings: Two brothers, one sister.  Oldest brother alive, youngest dead. Sister's fate unknown.
Status: Single
S/O: None
Other: N/A

FC: Allison Sudol
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Melissa Hartell
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