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PostSubject: Chessie    Sun Aug 17, 2014 4:30 pm

General Information

Name: Chessie
Nickname: Chess, crazy cat
Age: roughly 76 appears in her mid twenties
Gender: Female
Species Cheshire cat


Hair colour and length: Short pale  blonde hair
Eye colour: Yellow
Scars and skin: Fair complexion with jagged scar running around left forearm
Tattoos: none
Height: 5'0
Build: lithe and muscular


Personality: Shes mischevious and curious, she loves getting a reaction from anyone and everyone, she’ll show off to be the center of attention and loves to cause chaos and misfortune. She is a compulsive stealer and more like than not will leave somewhere with some new sparkly objects in her pockets. In times where she feels threatened she will act insane to protect herself, becoming unpredictable, this is the only time where she would go out of her way to harm someone usually preferring to get away with the goods shes taken. She has a darker colder more leathal side that gets brought up occasionally, this side is more intense and more likley to kill you

Nobody has ever been there for the cat, she has always had to survive and escape places on her own, she collects the sparkly objects in an attempt to try and patch up the emptiness in her soul. She’s seen the way others end up finding mates and has always wondered why she never seemed to find one before she figured out that she was just too different and since then became more likley to steal from those with mates a sparking jealousy in her heart directed at those with the ‘mate rings’ on their fingers.  However to most she seems not to even notice or care that shes different and is alone

Likes: Shiny things, cat naps, tricking people, stealing things
Dislikes: Cages, electrified things, threats, feeling hunted
Favourite Haunts: Roof tops from which she can survey the area
Hobbies: Thieving


History: She dosen’t remember who her family was, her earliest memories are of being in an Asylum during the early fifties, she spent most of her life being experimented on for new drugs and trying out different ‘treatments’ on her. When she reached the age of 16 she gained proper control of her teleportation and after a few test runs managed to teleport herself away to somewhere safe, after that she ended up in a freak show where her weakness to iron was used against her and she was forced to parade around. One day managing to escape by sheer luck she kept to herself after that incident, mistrusting humans, thieving shiny objects and always rescuin herself.
None are recorded
.Iron - Iron  restricts all of her powers
Catnip - she goes crazy for the stuff and will smell it on you
Curiosity - curiosity killed the cat and this one is particularly so
Shiny objects - she collects and hoards shiny objects

Strengths: .Vanishing, Cat Like Reflexes, Teleportation, Floating and Partial vanishing, can shift into a large cat with wide yellow eyes
Preferred Weapon: claws

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