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PostSubject: Ashfall   Tue Aug 26, 2014 10:02 pm

Other Characters: Stormblade, Ivoryfrost, Pixiewing, Pandamask, Winchester, Tobias and rose

The Basics
Name:  Ashpup -> Ashpaw -> Ashfall
Gender: male
Species:  Mexican Wolf
Clan:  Sunclan
Rank: pup -> Apprentice ->young warrior -> Warrior -> Senior warrior -> Elder
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
“You follow your own personal whims. You are first and foremost an individualist. You value your own freedom and liberty but won't necessarily strive to protect that of others'. You hate restrictions, challenge traditions, and shun authority. You may be at times unpredictable, but your actions are not random or without thought.  You are the stereotypical “Free Spirit.” You feel truly free from both society's restrictions and the zeal of a do-gooder.”

Coat Color: Tan
Fur Markings and Scars: Gray and white back and white underbelly
Eye color: dark gold

Skill Points
Strength: 10
Agility: 12
Defense: 8
HP: 30/30

Personality: Ashfall follows his whims and is highly protective of his own freedom, not going out of his way to help others he prefers to keep out of other peoples problems. Not believing in starclan he loudly challenges starclans authority within the clans and disbelieves the starclans giving leaders nine lives ‘myth’.  He hates being restricted and unable to drift as he so wishes, he can be unpredictable but dosen’t make random actions without thought. At heart hes a rouge but stays with the clan out of loyalty to the few friends he has made, he has a tendancy to break the rules if he feels they restrict him too much or just to prove that he can. He holds obvious contempt for those ‘do-gooders’ who make it their lives mission to bring justice and happiness to others, preferring instead to do what benefits him the most. When something affects him he normally passes it off as nothing and pretends it dosen’t matter, it takes a skilled heart to open him up and to see what hes like, when in love he becomes less predictable to his clan mates and loyal only to the one he loves. Not letting society or the warrior code get in his way of his pursuit of happiness.
Likes:  Feeling free, running with the wind at his heels and the sun on his back, howling
Dislikes: Do gooders, Restrictions, Bossy britches,
Fears: being cast out

History: Not much to tell he was born into the clan to Thrushthroat and Brambletail, he had two siblings Bouncepaw and Cloudpup. Cloudpup was the runt of the litter and died a couple of days after being born due to internal complications, Bouncepaw fell off a cliff in the old territories and died in the gorge. Brambletail left the clan to become a loner and Thrushthroat died in the two leg facility helping to rescue the other wolves captured there.

Friends – Sunclan
Acquaintances - Stormclan
Strangers - Thunderclan
Enemies – Windclan
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