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PostSubject: ACADIA ZEUS   Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:52 pm

Acadia Zeus || Age: 18 || Parents: Hercules and Megara || FC: Laura Spencer

Always sticking out since it was not just her eyes that she got from her father like her siblings but basically all her looks, Acadia was targeted repeatedly for being doubted that she was her parents daughter. Being the eldest girl of the four siblings, she had always taken on the responsibility of taking care of her siblings especially her brother. Even though Acadia got mostly everything from Hercules’ genes, her personality solely comes from Megara and there is no doubts about it. She is strong, fierce and loyal to everything she loves yet is also gentle and affectionate in certain situations. Agreeing with her mother’s past thoughts on men, she has sworn off any partners but that could possibly all change if she met the right one. It would also take a lot of persuading herself as well though.

Attributes: Ardent, Clement, and Quick-Witted

Secret: Acadia likes to sneak out of the palace alone on certain nights whenever she can’t or won’t sleep to “escape” to her own little refuge-like area for one she found. She usually sits on a waterfall by a large, willow-like tree with white flowers hanging off of them since it reminds her of a story her parents told her about two people who fell in love. Not wanting to lose her ability to sneak out again, she’s always back in the palace by sunrise.

Family: Daphne Zeus, Perseus Zeus, and Aeria Zeus

Threat: The Hades Family
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