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PostSubject: BLYTHE "BABY" PORTER   Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:53 pm

Blythe “Baby” Porter || Age: 23 || Parent(s): Tarzan and Jane || FC: Shelley Hennig
Blythe had never traveled out of Africa in her life even if her siblings would go to London whenever they had the chance whether it was for pleasure or for their schooling. That was Blythes’ choice. She never found the humans from the outside interesting or helpful to her or her family but then again, she was never the one who had to deal with them when a straggler wandered by. To her things had to be the way she learned while growing up in the jungle otherwise they were wrong. Technology, laws, and social statuses were useless things to her as she never thought that she would need them in her life and that proved to be true until her parents decided to send her and her siblings to the Protection Palace.

Taking this chance of being sent from her home to try and prove to her family that the world out of Africa is a complete mess and that no one should ever live in such a world, Blythe will do anything it takes to keep her family together and not in the advanced world even if it means making her look like a child or getting herself in trouble.

Attributes: Curious, animated, determined

Secret: Through the friendship of the baby leopard that her mother had found long ago (aka Commodore Fluffypaws), Blythe had been able to grow a trust/alliance with the leopards therefore keeping her family safe from them. She considers them her second family almost and will do anything to protect them especially since her family does not know.

Family: Kieran, James, Bradley, Zara

Threat: The Clayton Family
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