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PostSubject: COLE TRITON-SIREN   Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:56 pm

Cole Triton-Siren || Age: 16 || Parents: Eric & Ariel / Morgana and Ursula || FC: Dylan Sprayberry

Being a surprise to his family and everyone in their kingdom when he as born as the twin of Tobias, the only people who had known of his dissapearence was Ariel, Eric and the birth maids. No one had seen Morgana come or go from the castle with the infant in her arms and no one suspected that it was her.

Being close to Morgana but not Ursula, he had been able to get his “mother” to develop a liking to him and let him roam freely in his merman form. Ursula had been definitely more strict on him in the end of the day but that all changed when he found a little letter in a bottle from a girl from the palace talking about the lost prince she had a dream about.

Finding out about who his real family was, he was able to gather enough courage to ask Morgana about venturing to the protection palace with the others to see if he could meet his other family. He had told her it was for watching the other Sirens but he wouldn’t admit that to just anyone. He just needed proof that he was the lost prince the little girl from years before had written about.

Attributes: Nosy, ignorant, adventurous

Family: Tritons: Melody, Tobias, Astrid, Marina Sirens: Sylvia, Killian, Damon, Lilith, Asher

Threat: Morgana & Ursula
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