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PostSubject: Hazelmist   Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:52 pm

Name: Hazelpup - Hazelpaw - Hazelmist
Age: 4 1/2
Gender: Female
Pack: Loner
Species: Maned wolf
Appearance: Long stilt like black legs, bright ginger fur, black muzzle, white chest, large ears.
Personality: Personality
Shes very shy and quiet around new people causing her to often whisper or more likely not say anything at all. Her shyness means she finds it hard to stand up to others for herself, she just wants everyone to be happy and so does as much as she can quieetly.

Kindness and empathy

Hazelmist goes out of her way to show kindness and empathy to anyone and everyone even if she dosent know them. Instead of chasing loners away from pack lands she offers to hunt for them if they're tired and shows them the best spots to rest. This often leads to her being used, although her anger is enough to stop most from attempting such a thing.


Despite being soft-spoken and extremely polite most of the time, Hazelmist has shown a more aggressive side on rare occasions. Most of the time, Hazelmist can withstand almost anything that will make other wolves explode in anger. However, even a shy soft spoken wolf like Hazel has its limits. Her buttons that cause her to anger include hurting one of her animal friends or packmates for no good reason. Although she understands the need to hunt for food, killing for no reason causes her to become surprisingly strong, and verbally and sometimes physically abusive until she calms down. .

Animal care
Hazelmist shows a surprising level of empathy for other animals and often finds it hard to bring herself to eat prey that shes caught adding to her guant apperance. She is more likely to help heal and aide those in distress than use their weakness to her advantage and hunt.
The Stare
Hazelmists infamous stare is a peculiar weapon in her arsenal that she uses to break up arguements between packmates. Her brown eyes become surprisingly firm and the normally shy and quiet wolf when using this weapon can break up even the most vicious of fights when its accompanied by her "Dont you even think about it" charm words.

Hazel mist has a sweet singing voice and often can be found humming to herself whilst going about her business. Music has a special place in her heart, and privately she looks for someone who shares that same love for music.

Likes: flowers and birds, howling to the stars
Dislikes: loud wolves, cruel wolves, hurt animals
History: she was born into a pack and was soon thrown out after letting loners into the territory and not chasing them out. She was called a conspirator and thus exiled, ever since then shes wandered by herself gaining great skill in healing others and herself along the way.
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