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 Nymeria - Wolf Queen

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PostSubject: Nymeria - Wolf Queen   Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:22 am

General Information

Name: Nymeria
Nickname: Nym, Ria
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species Werewolf


Hair colour and length: Dark brown hair messily cropped to her jaw
Eye colour: Steel grey
Scars and skin: a few bite marks on her, pale complexion
Tattoos: none
Height: 5'3 – still growing
Build: Very muscular


Personality:  Shes smart and stubborn, able to figure out how things work and stubborn enough to get things she wants. Shes quite rough, and during play will often break the thing shes made to entertain herself. Shes curious about most things but will become wary as soon as she smells humans not having a very good memory of the strangers that look like her.

Shes challenging and will constantly test whoever is in charge to make sure that they are, determined and often hungry for knowledge she’ll keep asking questions until there are none left for her to think of. Shes also very loyal to those who prove to her that they are on her side, that they can be pack. She’d willingly die for anyone of her pack mates, or humans that she considers pack.

Likes: .fresh prey, hunting, using a bow she stole,  exploring, making things, howling, playing
Dislikes: .Humans, werewolf hunters, wolfs hunters, cages, clothes, baths
Favourite Haunts: The woods
Hobbies: Hunting


History: Her werewolf pack was being hunted by werewolf hunters, she was three years old at the time and was given to a wolf pack for them to care for her until they returned. Her family never returned and so she was raised within the wolf pack, she was happy and healthy acting like a wolf until she was caught by people who aimed to make her uncivilized. She spent three and a half years in that cage, emerging as fourteen years old, in that cage she unleashed her wolf form for the first time and killed everyone before raiding their weapons and choosing a bow before fleeing. She couldn’t find her pack who’d been chased off by the humans and now searches for them.
Weaknesses: .Silver - somewhat allergic to it, useful for binding her, leaves a rash where it touches her skin
curiosity - she may not be a cat but shes very very curious
Iron - it burns and can be used to restrict her powers,
Wolfsbane - she cannot pass over it, can be used to kill or sedate
very high pitched noises - affect her hearing and give her incredible headaches

Strengths: .werewolf -  Can turn into a wolf, and a wolf hybrid known as her beast form, she has little control over the beast form it often coming out when she is terrified or in serious danger. She has more mastery over her wolf form as she has used it more,

Senses - the werewolf blood gives her extra speed, strength, hearing and eyesight, her metabolism means she can heal a little faster than humans.

Preferred Weapon: .
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Posts : 12282
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PostSubject: Re: Nymeria - Wolf Queen   Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:25 am

Nymerias Beast form

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Nymeria - Wolf Queen
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