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PostSubject: Erisidr   Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:23 am


The Basics
Name: wuth onik drem
Nicknames: erisidr, dragon, Eri
Gender:  Male
Species: Dragon
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: over 5,000 exact number unknown

Skin and hair Color: bronzed skin and Dark brown/black hair
Tattoos and Scars: Tattoo below his left collarbone in the dragon tongue, plenty of scars of various size and shape scattered over him
Eye color: Dark brown
Build: Slim but well muscled

Rather somber and quiet, he is a slight downer and makes all kinds of negative and black humored remarks. Always expecting things to turn out for the worst he never really seems to have hope, underneath this layer is a intensely cunning and careful man. He fake limps out of battle purely so any foes will underestimate him in battle, he creates his own healing concoctions as well as dangerous poisons that can leave men crying out in pain.

As ruthless and cunning as the man is he has a strong moral code, that prevents him from hurting those who cannot defend themselves. Gruff and yet strangely gentle around these exceptions and will go out of his way to save them if they appear to be in a bad situation. He doesn’t stay in any place for too long before moving on again. He mainly keeps to himself making it difficult for people to get close to him which is usually his point, his experience has been that people don’t like him once they get to know him.

Likes: .
Dislikes: .
Fears: .

History: .

Father: .
Mother: .
Siblings: .
Other Relationships
Current Apprentice:
Past Apprentices: NA
Mate: Atrel
Offspring: none
Test Subject: Atrel
Past test Subjects: Julian, countless others
Friends: ,
Current Friends:,
Acquaintances: ,
Current Aquaintances: ,
Strangers: ,
Current Strangers:,
Enemies: ,
Current Enemies:,
Erisidrs Pintrest
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