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 Maggotpelt, - wolf version of Chessie

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PostSubject: Maggotpelt, - wolf version of Chessie   Fri Jan 29, 2016 12:36 pm


Welcome Guest to Maggot's bio.

"...What? Mother? Is that your voice I hear? Hmm... No, no... Just my head playing tricks... Foolish Maggot..."

The Basics
Name: Maggotpup → Maggotpaw → Maggotpelt -> Cheshiregrin
Gender: female
Age: 4 Moons
Species: Eurasian Wolf
Rank: pup → apprentice → Warrior
Clan: Stormclan
Allignment: Neutral


Coat Color: White
Fur Markings and Scars: Black legs
Eye Color: Pale yellow/Amber
Physical Build: She has short legs, a large body and head, short tail and small ears
Disability: Missing half of her back left leg


History: Born to Lusterpelt and Todd, she was raised in an abusive home, her brother Weed dying after their mother grabbed him and threw him against a stone cliff repeatedly. Slime died after he accidentally vomited in the den, and Luster forced more food down his throat until he choked. The last pup left was their only daughter Maggot,she was carried by her back left leg to stormclans territory and dumped like trash infront of a warrior named Riverfrost who took her to the camp Her lower leg so mangled that they had to amputate it leaving her with a stump, she was accepted into the clan after they realized who her mother was. It was then that she learnt about her half brother Forsakensoul who had gone blind and deaf.
Personality: Kleptomaniac: She has an impulsive urge to take things that aren't hers especially if they are shiny or pretty. She collects them a nd often hides them through out her nest, taking the time to admire them. She guards her trinkets and treasures fiercly becoming surprisingly upset when others critique or touch them.
Kind: In her strange way, the female is very kind, sharing little pearls of wisdom, she makes friends with anyone who can look past her odd, often irrational nature. Once she associates someone as a friend they're friends for life and can't get rid of her that easily without being cruel.
Quirky: Shes very quirky often coming up with strange ideas, and reacting differently to things than most people. Some of her mannerisims are from the way she was treated by her mother and father, such as expecting to be beaten whenever she makes a mistake and staying away from mud as that would get her in trouble beforehand. Despite her quirky habits shes very kind.
Insane: Her insane side is usually hidden deep beneath her quirkiness, often coming out when shes stressed or is in one extreme mood. Her words become muddled and the normally harmless wolf can become potentially dangerous lashing out at those she perceives to be waiting to hurt her. The insane side was something that was born out of her mothers abuse, a way to endure the cruelty was to accept that everything her mother did was out of love. In this state she can be heard whispering things to herself aimed at her mother.
Strengths: Shes trustworthy, Her kindness,
Weaknesses: Shes not a good fighter – preferring to hide when fights break out,
Likes:  Laughing, Exploring, Collecting trinkets – like feathers and shiny stones, being treated like everyone else.
Dislikes: Being Laughed at, being stared at, being treated differently from others, Being asked to do things she cannot do
Fears:  Lusterpelt – Her mother, Rejection, deep water, being told of – she expects to be attacked during


Crush: None
Mate: None
Offspring: None

Friends: Forsakensoul
Foes: Lusterpelt
Father: Todd
Mother: Lusterpelt
Siblings: Forsakensoul, Slime (Deceased), Weed (Deceased)
Bio Format belongs to Snowstar


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Maggotpelt, - wolf version of Chessie
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