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PostSubject: Crystalheart   Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:45 pm

Other Characters: Adderstrike, Ashfall, Embershard, Forsakensoul, Ivoryfrost, Lana, Lilacsplash,Maggotpelt, Mustangspirit,  Pandamask, Pixieflight, Rain, Raven, Rosethorn, Shadowheart, Sky, Steel, Stormblade, Ted, Tigerfern, Willowmist


The Basics
Name: Crystalpup → Crystalpaw → Crystalheart
Species: Artic wolf
Clan: Stormclan
Rank: pup → Apprentice-> Warrior → Elder
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Coat Color: White
Fur Markings and Scars: none
Eye color: Ice Blue
Disability: Mute

Skill Points
Strength: 5
Agility: 15
Defense: 10
HP: 35/35

Personality: She dosent trust easily, being unable to speak has meant that she has difficulty communicating and limits her desire to really get her point across towards others. She is always thinking, often becoming rather critical of others and has no tolerance for others whining. At least they have a way to communicate is her general direction of thinking.

She has a habit of sassing and being a little snarky towards most, saying things she most defnitely wouldn't say if she could speak. The female only really gets along with the wolf who left thunderclan with her. Dolphinsplash, Crystal is more likely to make an effort with her friend and her friend having known her for so long can understand her gestures and expressions easier than most.
Likes: Sassing wolves in her head, the little things in life, making up stories
Dislikes: Not being able to speak, struggling to get her point across,
Fears: Not being heard

History: Born to two Thunderclan wolves, Crystalheart had never really felt like she belonged in Thunderclan. Always watching the wolves on the far side of the river, she had never been able to speak nor make any kind of sound. When her friend Dolphinpup had been made an apprentice Crystalheart had decided to join Stormclan, her friend coming with her. As time went on she began to forget about her family in thunderclan until she could no longer remember their names or faces.

Friends -  Dolphinsplash, Adderstrike, Graystar
Acquaintances – The rest of Stormclan/ some of the wolves in Thunderclan
Strangers - Sunclan and Windclan wolves
Enemies -  none yet
Crush: None
mate: None
Pups: None

NOTE: Crystalheart will not be rped until I have saved up enough crystals for her disability ;D also if anyone remembers more than me about her past pls dont hesitate to pm me
Another note: I gave a friend one of my spare slots to make hookclaw,she never ended up using him or the unsusal eye colour i also gave her. She gifted them back to me, If you like I can get her to pm a leader to prove it C:

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