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 Silverfern the Kiwi

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PostSubject: Silverfern the Kiwi   Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:38 pm


Welcome Guest to Silver's bio.


The Basics
Name: Silverpup → Silverpaw → Silverfern
Nicknamed: Silvi
Gender: female
Age: 3 years
Species: Eurasian wolf
Rank: pup → apprentice → Warrior → Elder
Clan: Windclan
Allignment: Neutral


Coat Color: Black
Fur Length: medium
Fur Markings and Scars: silver paws, silve rsplash on chest, silver undertail, silver fern marking on her left side of her rump
Eye Color: Silver
Physical Build:  solid
Photo reference:

History: She was born to two windclan warriors, the second youngest pup to be born and the only girl she flourished under her parents loving care. Her brother Tikipaw was killed during the fight against the two leggeds as they left the old territories. Pineapplelump ended up leaving to become a loner as he didn't like the constant battles and death of the clans, Redband fell in love with a Sunclan warrior and went to join Sunclan when Snowstar was killed. He soon died from the cold not used to the extreme mountain temperatures. Her closest brother Buzzybee, got kicked badly by a stag they were hunting, it caved in his shoulder and caused such problems in his chest that he ended up dying from it. Pukeo was always a stranger and ened up wandering off and not coming back, she occasionally hears gossip about him, apparently he got started as a shaman in another pack somewhere far away. Taniwha the youngest and the one with the least amount of temper died soon after being made a warrior, he challenged a small group of Coyotes for their kill instead of hunting something for himself
Personality: Typically shes quite laid back and happy to let things go, easy to laugh and quick to smile, it takes quite a bit to get her angry. She speaks in a strange lingo often forgetting that others cant understand it as well. She has a 'she'll be right' attitude and is content to let things run its course, she becomes passionate when it comes to proving that windclan is better than the other clans.
ingenuity; She thinks outside the box when it comes to problems and often crafts something that others percieve as a little odd.
Hospitality: She has great hospitlity happily welcoming others into the fold of her family which is now the clan
Laid back: Because of her natural laid temperment she dosent get into fights easily although her cheeky tongue can get her into a little trouble.
Lingo; Her strange lingo often confuses others and most of the time she forgets to clarify for them
Laid back; Others often percieve her relaxed nature as laziness or not caring about the clan
Temper: When her temper is flared its hard for her to calm down from it and she'll often leave with a grudge that disappears over a few days.
Likes: Resting in the sun, Proving that Windclan is the best clan, Sharing fresh kill with pack mates, using her cheeky tongue
Dislikes: Being told shes lazy, pointless confrontation, Being taken advantage of, being misunderstood, repeating herself and being interrupted
Fears: Loosing arguments about how windclan is obviously superior,
Theme: Slice of Heaven – Dave Dobbyn and the herbs


Crush: Noone yet
Mate: n/a

Friends: Her family

Mother: Kiwipool
Father: Rugbyspirit
Siblings: Tikipaw, Pineapplelump, Buzzybee,  Redband, Pukekofeather, Taniwha

This bio format was created by the wonderful Snowstar!

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Silverfern the Kiwi
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