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PostSubject: Mustangspirit   Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:46 pm


The Basics
Name:  Mustangpaw → Mustangspirit
Gender:  Male
Species:  Eastern Timberwolf
Clan:  Thunderclan
Rank:  Warrior
Alignment: Neutral good

Coat Color:  buckskin
Fur Markings and Scars:  brown legs and muzzle, black back stripe and tail
Eye color: Soft brown

Personality: Mustangspirit is surprisingly sensitive and quiet, he sometimes forgets to speak out loud causing him to often irritate others by mistake. He prefers to watch and learn before trying things out by himself. He has a tendancy to jump to conclusions and to mutter sarcastic things underneath his breath. He has a heart of gold and is happy to lend a hand to help even if he is slightly grouchy about it
Likes:  Feeling useful, Greek Science, Snow
Dislikes: natural disasters, his ideas being shot down, arrogance
Fears: Loosing his mind,

History:  He was born into the clan, his mother being a beautiful gold and white wolf named Eperenzachime and his father a black wolf with gold eyes named Strider a loner who died of Greencough just after Mustang became an apprentice.

Friends -  Lionpaw, Hawk, Rosethorn
Acquaintances – the rest of thunderclan
Strangers -  the other clans
Enemies -

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