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PostSubject: Adderstrike   Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:52 pm

Name: Adderstrike
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Pack: Stormclan
Species: Iberian Wolf

He always has to be the bravest and the best, he likes winning and being ahead of everyone else whether it be in fighting or hunting. This resulted in him training harder than everyone else determined to rise to the top.
although he tries to hide it the young wolf is actually a sweet heart, he cares deeply for the pups of the clan and often goes out of his way to do things for them.

Self confidence: Although he likes to pretend that hes perfectly comfortable in his own skin, he has very little self confidence, when things go wrong he blames himself and often compares himself to older and more successful wolves
Hard working
hard working and trust worthy putting every ounce of himself into working to protect his family. When he says he will do something he will keep his words, he also keeps any promises he makes.

Likes: Rolling in snow, proving himself to his clan, practising fighting skills with others, playing with pups
Dislikes: Betrayal, rain, loosing to others, others seeing his sweet side
History: He grew up within Shadowclan with a brother and a sister,  their mother Sunfur having died whilst giving birth to them and their father being an unknown male assumed to be from either another clan or a loner. He grew up as the youngest always looking up to his elder brother wanting to be just like him yet always failing resulting in a complex that he was never good enough. He remained with the clans despite his siblings leaving when Shadow and River became one. When Crystalheart and Dolphinsplash joined from thunderclan, he was one of the few to welcome them with open arms so to speak. Holding no grudges toawrd them, instead he did his best to make them feel welcome and found himself quickly becoming close with Dolphinsplash.
Mother: Sunfur
Father: Unknown
Brother: Swordfang
Sister: Tealeaf
Crush: Dolphinsplash
Mate :

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