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PostSubject: Embershard   Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:57 pm

Name: Embershard
Rank: Warrior
Clan: Windclan
Age: Two and a quarter years

personality:  Shes brave and compassionate, speaking out against things she considers against the warrior code, she cares deeply about her clan mates and when one of them is in trouble the fae will do anything she can to help them. Shes not good at understanding the gentler emotions, and stammers when shes embarrased or shy, her compassion is strong enough that if a rival clan member needed help she would offer her help regardless of the consequences.
She follows the warrior code with almost a religious zeal, a great believer in starclan and the fact that they guide her paws. Despite her lack of experience with love, privately she'd like to know what it feels like to be loved r. She treats wolves who break the warrior code like traitors, believing that the code is there for a reason.

Fears: Never finding love, not being allowed into starclan when she dies, failing the warrior code and her clan
LIkes: Sunbathing, sharing tongues with clanmates, helping those who need it,
Dislikes: Faithless wolves, Liars, the stench of crowfood, being made fun of
Family: Born to Heatherstorm and Mockingjay, she and her sister obsidian grew up together, just after they were apprenticed their father, Mockingjay went missing and was never found. Heatherstorm was an older female who went mad with grief and was retired to the elders dying a few moons after.

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