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PostSubject: Tigerfern   Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:58 pm

Other Characters:


The Basics
Name: Oakpup ->  Toby -> Tigerfern
Gender: Female
Species: Iberian Wolf
Clan: Thunderclan -> Loner -> Sunclan
Rank: pup ->  Loner -> Warrior

Coat Color: Brown
Fur Markings and Scars: Lighter brown on her underbelly
Eye color: Yellow

Skill Points
Strength: 9
Agility: 11
Defense: 10
HP: 35/35

pup: sHe is extremely awkward and when faced with social situations she will bail as fast as she can, he is very quiet and shy. sHe only ever gets loud if someone else yells first and she yells back out of reflex. sHe is also very intelligent and a great cook. sHe is hypersensitive to noise and touch which is a contributing factor to her preferring to be left alone.
Loner: Angry and dangerous, she prefers to be on her own and fears next to nothing, with her intelligence that he has retained she keeps herself alive and is open to occasionally speaking with other wolves. Generally now she gives the apperance of not caring whats going on around him although she is always alert
Member of Sunclan: Now that shes finally found a place that feels like home she has reverted a little to what she was like as a pup, kinder, sweeter and not as angry than she had been as a loner. She still has her moments and sometimes looses her grip on her emotions, shes become close with Shadowstorm and normally feels safe and grounded around the older wolf

Likes: sunlight, the taste of fresh kill, morning frosts, full moons and starlight
Dislikes: Crowds, thunderclan, humans and idiots
Fears: Being found by thunderclan

History: Born to Thrushthroat and Brackentail, she having the same markings as Oakthorn who had killed one of thunderclans pups was named after him. this lead to her always feeling like she was on the outskirts of the clan and lead to her being picked on a fair bit. Eventually when everyone else was made an apprentice and she was left behind she rebelled against the clan and left taking the loner name toby and living by herself. Eventually she was found by Shadowstorm who offered to let her join sunclan.

Friends - Shadowstorm
Acquaintances - none
Strangers - Clan wolves, dogs, other loners
Enemies - Thunderclan

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