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 Pandamask ~ Medicine wolf

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PostSubject: Pandamask ~ Medicine wolf   Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:00 am


Welcome Guest to Panda's bio.


The Basics
Name: pandapup -> Pandapaw -> Pandamask
Gender: female
Age:  2 years old
Species: Russian Wolf
Rank: pup -> Medicine wolf Apprentice -> Medicine wolf
Clan: Sunclan
Allignment: Lawful Good


Coat Color: White
Fur Length: Medium
Fur Markings and Scars: Black markings around her eyes, black ears, front legs that are joined over her back in a black stripe and black back legs. Basically the markings of a panda  
Eye Color: A Warm brown
Physical Build: She has slim legs, a medium height and with dainty features giving her the look of a sensitive fragile creature.

History: Born to Sparksnout and Maplesong, she looks more like her mixed bred father than her mother. Her mother and father both went with the war party to battle with the two legs and sacrificed their lives. An apprentice then she'd followed the party overwhelmed with concern for the wolves of all of the clans and found Gentlestar the leader of sunclan who was in the process of Loosing a life. It was here that she realized she was meant to be a medicine wolf, leaving stormclan and her best friend Mink she joined sunclan as their new Medicine wolf.
Personality: Gentle would be the best way to describe the young wolf, sensitive to other wolves problems she is always there to listen and attempt to soothe them along. Very sweet she loves it when others come and talk to her about their problems and likes helping them through their problems.
Strengths: Shes exceedingly fast and good at remembering herbs
Weaknesses: Fighting
Likes: The sounds of Crickets, Telling stories
Dislikes:Loud unexpected noises, Rough play and Twolegs
Fears: Entrapment


Crush: Noone yet
Mate: Can't shes a medicine wolf
Pups: Medicine wolf

Friends: Minkpaw, Gentlestar, Twistedfoot, Greystar,
Foes: Noone!

Family: Sparksnout - Father
Ripplesong- Mother


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Pandamask ~ Medicine wolf
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