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 Wolf Claire

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PostSubject: Wolf Claire   Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:10 am


The Basics
Name: Claire
Gender: Female
Clan: Loner
Rank:  Loner

Coat Color:  Black
Fur Markings and Scars: lighter grey markings on her face,
Eye color: Emerald green

Personality: Scraping the surface Claire seems cool, calm and confident, skilled in the art of fighting, she makes her living easily as a lone wolf. Shes swift, and doesn’t hesitate to take anyone’s life for underestimating her, she has a sarcastic streak a defense to keep unwanted advances at bay.
behind this she has a wall that keeps out all who would do her harm. Trust issues have caused her to build up this wall to protect the sweet girl behind it, whos ticklish and likes to sing to the sea.being away from the sea is hard, but she daren’t go back to where she had grown up and where a piece of her heart still lies.
Likes: A good fight, racing the wind, swimming, the sea
Dislikes:  Being underestimated, being out matched, arrogant males
Fears: Richard, Fire

History: She was born into a large pack that made its territories by the sea, she grew up loving the sea with all her heart and always being a sort of free spirit, when she was older she found one of the rival packs young males injured, believing his story that they had thrown him out she nursed him back to health and slowly began to fall for the male. She took him back to her parents who were angry but accepted him for her sake, she remembers waking up to fire one night and the screams of her pack, Richard the wolf she had saved was back the son of the leader of the rival pack had betrayed her, and her kindness. They tortured and killed her family and pack, and let her go for the purpose of letting her live in pain, she’d been living in the clans new area for a few years by the time they turned up.

Friends - She has few true friends left in the world, Steel
Acquaintances - Most of the loners shes come across at some point in time
Strangers - The clans

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Wolf Claire
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