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 Melody Fitgivens

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PostSubject: Melody Fitgivens   Tue Mar 22, 2016 10:41 pm

Name: Melody Rose Fitgivens

Nickname: Mel

Age: 17

Birthday: 25 April

Gender: Female

Personality: Melody is a bit of a brat. She is used to getting what she wants and isn't afraid to get down and dirty for it. She loves being centre of attention and certainly never lacks it. She does however often go after the unobtainable becoming nasty when she cant sway them into wanting her.

Likes: Parties, being centre of attention

Dislikes: Drugs, being rejected or ignored

History: Melody has been given almost everything on a silver plater her whole like. As a result she has gained a reputation of being the one of the biggest brats if she doesn't get her way and loathes being told no. She is quick to start rumors in an attempt to get things to go her way but a few times it has backfired.

Sexuality: Straight

Physical Description: Standing at 5'7 Melody has long legs that make up most of her height. Her hair is mid-back varying from brunet to red depending on the light. Her eyes are a soulful brown and she sports bright red lips naturally.
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Melody Fitgivens
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