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PostSubject: Jestergrin   Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:09 pm


Welcome Guest to Jester's bio.


The Basics
Name: Jesterpup → Jesterpaw → Jestergrin
Gender: Male
Age:  3 Moons old
Species:Eurasian Wolf
Clan: Stormclan
Rank: Pup -> Apprentice -> Warrior
Allignment: Chaotic evil


Coat Color: Red
Markings: Black toes on front paws, black socks on back paws, black neck and scruff
Scars: None as of yet
Eye Color: Shocking yellow
Physical Build: Muscular and lithe

Skill Points
Strength: 4 → 9 - 13
Agility: 4 → 9 - 13
Defense: 2 → 2 - 4
HP: 10 → 20 → 40


History: Born into stormclan by the crazy Cheshiregrin, he had a different father to the others pups and it was quite obvious leaving him shunned which he was fine with. Always happy to be in the shadows watching the others he quickly began to develop worrying traits.
Personality: Widely regarded as bothersome, obnoxious, strange, and mad, he often speaks with a high-pitched voice only his mother can keep this twisted little ball in line. He watches others from the shadows finding their weaknesses, he enjoys watching others getting hurt and glories in the release of death. When others get hurt he laughs loudly and is widely shunned by the rest of the clan. He has a strange air about him that shows something is not quite right in his head
Strengths: Naturally strong and swift, Cunning, Sly, manipulative
Weaknesses: Unable to hide his crazy, unable to control himself sometimes
Likes: Liberation, riddles, killing, the taste of blood
Dislikes: Restrictions, overly good wolves, indecision,
Fears: His mother


Crush: None
Mate: None
Offspring: none
Father: Cicero – A loner
Mother: Cheshiregrin
Siblings: Marauderheart, Silvertongue and Tricksterspirit


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