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PostSubject: Blackadder   Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:55 pm

The Basics
Name: Eddard Blackadder
Preferred Name: Blackadder
Gender: Male
Age:  24 Years
Species: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual

Hair colour: Black
Scars: Crooked scar on the inside of right arm
Eye Color: pale bright blue
Physical Build: Muscular and lithe
Height: 5'11

History: Born and Bred in England, he grew up in a well to do family that was lesser known as they often kept to themselves and learnt his wit from his Tutor, he however grew tired of all of the bowing and scraping of court as well as the constant lecturing of what was expected of him and his duties to the family and so left to find a life where he could care only about himself and no body else. The eldest he was quite fond of his youngest sister Alice, he occasionally will send her a letter knowing quite well she'd never get to read it.
Personality: clever and perceptive, Black isn't quick to pass judgement or make up his mind, unless to him you are quite clearly a moron. He often has no tolerance for idiots and uses a dry wit and sarcasm on them. Hes known to come out with sentances that sometimes put down the intelligce of the others, but despite this he is feircly loyal and always has those closest to hims best wishes at heart. . A good liar, he comes with an excellent pokerface, he finds it easy to lie to to pretty much everyone. He shows respect to those who have earnt it, and often has a lack of patience with arrogant gits.

His family was never one of the kiss and hug types, as such he has no idea how to show affection towards others apart from becoming either gruff or insulting them and becoming some what rough.  

Strengths: He has a certain way with words,
Weaknesses: He cares for only  himself everyone else comes second, he cant help himself from making quick witty remarks
Likes: Being the smartest, making thugs look like idiots
Dislikes: People trying to intimidate him, idiotsthem that get in his way
Fears: His sisters being hurt


Father: Thomas Blackadder
Mother: Elizabeth Blackadder
Siblings: George Blackadder,Olivia Blackadder, Henry Blackadder, Alice Blackadder

Face Claim: Colin o'donoghue

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