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 Elizabeth Rosenberg

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PostSubject: Elizabeth Rosenberg    Sun Jun 19, 2016 5:42 am


Full name: Elizabeth Rosenberg
Nickname: Liz, Lizzy, Eliza
Gender: Female
Age: 19 years old
House: Slytherin
Species: Human, witch
Appearance: short dark hair, brown eyes, short (5'1'')
Accent: Between her father's thick Welsh accent and her mother's American drawl, Elizabeth has managed to get off rather lightly. She remains mostly well-spoken and devoid of the frankly ridiculous welsh accent, but faint hints of an American accent can be heard in the occasional word or two
Personality: Much like her mother Elizabeth can be described as a bouncy character. Being, for the most part, open and friendly, Elizabeth relishes the social interactions of everyday life an finds that she rather enjoys classes, her eagerness to learn as much about the wizarding world furling her enthusiasm. That being said, she wields sarcasm as swiftly as any warrior would wield a sword, and is desperate to make something of her self and so is often quick to go on the defensive. Elizabeth is not beyond using violence to protect herself if she thinks it will solve the problem, but she reserves such fits of lack of control for only the most desperate of occasions. Elizabeth enjoys the company of others but finds that those who cannot appreciate the lack of need to fill every fleeting moment with conversation grate on her nerves more than any unreasonable professor ever could. She is, however, the jealous type, whether she admits her jealousy to others or not, which can often be the source of her cold attitude towards some individuals.
Family: Her mother is a muggle and her father works a rather low level, uninteresting job at the Ministry of Magic. With no siblings she rejoices in the privacy and solitude of being an only child rather than longing for the company of siblings. They are quite a tight-knit family (despite Elizabeth being at Hogwarts for the majority of the year) and so she finds that her parent's company (along with that of her friends) satisfies her enough. They live in South Wales (the area in which her father grew up in), and her mother came over from the USA.
Blood status: Half blood
Friends: Not yet confirmed
Pet: Black cat named Professor Wiggly
Likes: Feeling in control, accomplishment, socialising, she adores her cat with every fibre of her being, the wonders of the wizarding world
Dislikes: Divination as she is sceptical as to its workings and dislikes the thought of not being in control of her own destiny
-Length: 8 inches
-Wood: Elm
-Core: Griffin claw
Patronus happy thought:
When she heard the news of her mother's recovery from a rather brutal train accident
History: Elizabeth grew up in a small but comfortable home in South Wales alongside her mother and father. Their relationship has always been one of immense love and support and there are few things Elizabeth wouldn't do for her parents, especially after her mother almost died in a train accident whilst traveling back from a meeting in London. The event had ripped their lives apart, but it was also at this time that Elizabeth received her Hogwarts acceptance letter (something her father had been unsure that she would receive as at a young age she hadn't shown many signs of magical potential). Elizabeth was reluctant to leave at first, given her mother's current position and her father's resultant state of mental well-being, but her father insisted that she go and her mother made a full recovery. Despite her original speculations, Elizabeth thrived in her new environment and her father showed no signs of disappointment when she had been sorted into Slytherin. Desperate to make her parent's proud, to make a good life for herself, and to end up with a job that made her happier than her father's lowly Ministry job did, Elizabeth knuckled down and set to work. She made friends easily enough and her fascination with the castle itself along with the world that it represents still remains, even after 9 years of having been a part of the wizarding community.
Orientation: Bisexual

Face claim: Ashly Burch (photos will be added later)
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Elizabeth Rosenberg
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