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 Namir Khan

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PostSubject: Namir Khan   Thu Jul 14, 2016 6:23 pm

name .:. namir khan
nickame .:. n/a
gender .:. male
age .:. twenty-seven
occupation .:. company ceo and other...
special abilities .:. unknown

general appearance
namir is of an average build, not the most intimidating person to look at. he is muscular in a lean sort of way but chances of sneaking a peek at his physique are nonexistent. rather tall for a man from a foreign country he reaches six feet in height, or 1.8 meters. he has short, trimmed black hair and a very well kept, short beard. due to his parent's nationality he is of a dark, warm skin coloration. his voice is not exceptionally deep but it has a melodic quality to it, his accent is rather elegant and sophisticated as his choice of vocabulary proves.

basic personality
being the head of a highly successful company does not leave much room for unnecessary niceties. namir is polite, he knows his etiquette but he has no time for foolish pleasantness. cold, analytical and proud, this is not the man you go to for a hug. spending most of his time in situations of high stress, one would expect him to be a quick to anger but he is quite the opposite. the man is patient (to an extent) and very rarely raises his voice above a normal range. he is slow to anger, especially due to his habit of taking everything from a perspective a few steps back. he rarely takes anything personally and acts as though nothing can touch him... but then again, very little can.

however, he is not some ice man incapable of feelings. he wishes that were so, being a robot doesn't sound too bad. it just so happens that emotions are quite confusing and being a constant neutral state is so much easier to handle.
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Namir Khan
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