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 Antonio Zamorano

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PostSubject: Antonio Zamorano   Mon Aug 19, 2013 3:57 pm


☠ Name ☠
"Haha my name? I usually find most things funny but that... is not. Not. At. All. You should know my name by now. It's Antonio, Antonio Zamorano. Laugh or make fun of it and the last thing you will experience is me ripping out your intestines and using them to choke you."
☠ Nickname ☠
"A nickname? You want to call me by something else? Idiot you are, but call me anything. I don;t give a rats behind."
☠ Gender ☠
"Well the last time I checked I was a male, but I am no longer sure. Let me see... yeah I'm a guy. Doubt it?"
☠ Age ☠
"If you must know since you are obviously blind to the truth, I am eighteen. Now leave me alone."


☠ Personality ☠
"Oh i'll tell you that no problem. Just a... make sure you listen because ah... i don't like-uh repeating myself. WELL! I like to laugh, duh! Everything is funny on some level or another. I make sure to always smile, we all want to go down smiling. Why not? It's fun! Life is fun and you have to make sure it is, so ergo I am fun to. I don't care if i didn;t use that right. You see because I'm a smart kid, I just use to for the wrong thing. I go to detention and get into trouble because that is me. I like to cause disorder and disrupt the perfection people live in. It is my goal to make everyone see the truth behind everything. What's the fun in living life as it goes? There ain't none sweetheart. So you know, i'm fun and I can talk myself as well as laugh myself out of anything. My best friends are the shadows my girlfriend is my gun and my wife is my smile. So hey! Lets all laugh! Everything is just a really bad joke anyways!"
☠ Description ☠
"Awe do you want to know how pretty i am? Well thank you! I must say I am quite a dashing devil. Let's see uh... oh let's start here. Simple basics for your small mind to process. I weigh around 170 lbs, and stand at about 6'2. Pretty tall but I hunch over, so you know a bit shorter than i should be you know-ah! I have uh lightly tanned skin and dark chocolate orbs, they are quite amazing! My hair is a jet black and tousled. I have slightly yellowed teeth but hey you cant trust guys with white teeth. Thats a fact and uh hey do you want to know what I hide under the sweatshirt?"
☠ History ☠
"Oh the sap story of course. Look I hate talking about this-ah. It's not my thing so here you go quick and easy for you to think about for a second before your lights go out. I had a very mean mommy and daddy, uh where they are now doesn't concern you. i live with my older brother but he's going down the same way they did. Anyway-ah, I basically grew up taking care of myself and only care about myself. No one else matters, i barely matter. So thats it, not much ah?"

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Antonio Zamorano
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