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 Victor Thornton

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PostSubject: Victor Thornton   Thu Jul 14, 2016 6:50 pm


name .:. victor thornton
nickame .:. vic, thorn
gender .:. male
age .:. twenty-eight
occupation .:. right hand man to namir khan
special abilities .:. weapons expert, enhanced senses and physical abilites

general appearance
victor will always use his size to his advantage. standing six foot two, with well earned, hard muscle, he prefers to use his strength and force to cower any who would stand up to him. foregoing grace and precision, he deals with powerful strength and vicious speed.

with trimmed black hair and a stubbled jawline, he considers himself quite handsome. it helps that he has a low toned, english accent, which he readily acknowledges he will use to charm women into his arms and bed for at least a night.

due to his past he is at the peak of his physical abilities, needing constant sustenance and activity. his body holds multiple scars from injuries past, but he doubts it detracts from his overall appearance. in fact, he would say it makes him look more dangerous.

basic personality
victor always seems to be on edge and that is because he is. his enhanced senses are constantly picking every detail around him. this overflow of information is taxing and takes focus to sort through, as such victor has a habit of seeming distracted, though you can be sure he is quite aware, more so than normal. it also serves to relate that he is extremely temperamental. usually in a grumpy or foul mood, he is explosive when lightly pushed and isn't afraid to raise his voice louder than anyone else in the room. if raising his voice isn't enough, he will use any physical means necessary to gain the upper hand. victor seems to always look for a fight, always on edge and ready with snarky comments, he likes to use lashing words and his fists or any weapon he might have on himself. but despite his quick temper, he is an intelligent man that quite likes feminine company. somehow despite his personality he has is suave and charming enough to have a girl on his arm.

other information :

Clothing #1

Vehicle - Aston Martin V8 Vantage


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Victor Thornton
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